Rotary Line Socket


GREEN POWDER COATED Suitable for ROTARY LINES UMBRELLAS PARASOLS FLAG POLES Available in 2 sizes to accommodate almost all potential pole sizes in use. Quick to insert and extract (less than 30 seconds) allowing for relocation. Fits flush to lawn so does not interfere with lawn moving or other garden activities.

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Quick way of erecting Rotary Line Umbrella and Parasols. Can be installed in less than 30 seconds, removed and reused in any part of the garden. Non trip hazard, fits flush to the ground when not in use. Can be mowed over without removal.
Hole adaptor available with each, so you can make the sizing slightly smaller.

Available in 2 sizes

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Rotary Line Sizes

Large 45-50mm, Small 36-38mm