About Us

Spyrabase is a revolutionary concept in ground anchorage, providing safe and sturdy anchors for a variety of garden , DIY and commercial applications.

Pioneered for securing light aircraft , Spyrabase cleverly combines a strong specially designed spiral together with a variety of durable base plates configured for many applications.

Whatever your project – tethering pets , tent peg solutions up to securing large inflatable buildings Spyrabase is both effective and simple.

The specially designed spiral simply screws straight into the ground providing an instant anchorage point with incredible holding power.

There’s no need for extensive digging , no need for cement and no need to wait overnight for cement to harden before completing the job.

Projects can now literally take minutes rather than hours and days.

Spyrabase products are made entirely in the midlands at our factory in Tipton and adhere theĀ  highest of quality standards.


We are a small company based in Tipton working for the mother company Threeway Pressings, known all over the country for it’s expert Manufacturing capabilities. Our sister companies Bullbarrow and Paterson Photographic are also long standing companies, with brilliant reputations worldwide.